There’s entertainment, and then there’s Entertainment Stars—whether you’re planning a small-scale celebration, a large corporate event, or your breathtaking wedding reception—we’ve got everything it takes to turn your thoughts and ideas into reality.

What makes an event successful?

More than 15 years of industry experience and our involvement in numerous events has helped us establish the tried-and-true formula required to engineer one successful event after another.

At Entertainment Stars, we combine passion, creativity, professionalism and tons of excitement to make your event unforgettable. From giant video screens, lighting and state of the art sound, to fireworks, dry ice, party favors and more, Entertainment Stars will organize your entire evening, while providing an experience like no other.

Watch this video and see for yourself:

Hosting a corporate event? Let the team at Entertainment Stars organize your raffles, auctions, contests and more.

Great corporate events are interactive, entertaining, and of course, memorable. Our experienced and trained staff is fully equipped to get people dancing and mingling in order to create those memories—and why not go one step further and document special moments with our service or our top of the line Photo Booth?

Let us take the reins of your event. We will manage every aspect of the entertainment for the entire evening, ensuring you have a great time and enjoy every second.

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